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editor, 08 October 2010

This place is more than 50,000 years old and it has astonished all people since long time.
The grotto in the mountain were created since long time by using simple tools to grave it and used for: cemetery, shelter and praying.

Maalouli was apotred in the first century by the saint Touma on the 1st century After Christ.

Monastery mar sarkis (balouta oulia in aramic) meaning the high country and it was the temple of Appolo where it still has some marks of being an old temple.

Damage to archaeological sites

admin, 16 August 2010

The mission also found that the main features of the world heritage site of Tyre, such as the Roman hippodrome and triumphal arch had escaped damage, but that frescoes in a Roman tomb at the site had come loose, likely because of vibrations caused by bombs. It was also reported that the world heritage site of Baalbek was not damaged by bombs, with the exception of the fall of one block of stone and the widening of fissures on the lintels in the temples of Jupiter and Bacchus, likely due to vibrations from nearby bombings.