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editor, 08 October 2010

This place is more than 50,000 years old and it has astonished all people since long time.
The grotto in the mountain were created since long time by using simple tools to grave it and used for: cemetery, shelter and praying.

Maalouli was apotred in the first century by the saint Touma on the 1st century After Christ.

Monastery mar sarkis (balouta oulia in aramic) meaning the high country and it was the temple of Appolo where it still has some marks of being an old temple.

They say the first Christianity started from there after the decree of the famous Milan that was issued during King Costantine on year 313 so they build above the temple the monastry and church.


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christian louboutin outlet online store Israel captured going to be the Golan Heights,a multi function strategic plateau overlooking northern Israel,back and forth from Syria in the 1967 Mideast war. It later annexed going to be the area,though that move is not very internationally typically known as.michael kors outlet "But there have been changes. If all your family members compare what people are doing physically before time runs out compared for more information about quite a while ago, it's astronomical."While array dancers argue greater than whether but it also in the event that be the case a multi functional sport and an art form,some of these practitioners want for more information regarding return to the days for those times when selection dancing was performed all over the strip clubs.michael kors wallet Authorities reached Fox's Statehouse office carrying an evidence bag and empty cardboard kegsFriday morning. Fox's spokesman, Larry Berman, said state law enforcement officials had asked everyone working in your office to leave,but take heart the individual didn't are aware of that the key reason why.michael kors outlet com throughout the NewyorkA easy to see glass as well as for going to be the shower's door can easily provide going to be the surface viewearn everythingyou can He has been doing this to get involved with and maintain his youthful be on the lookout and almost reverse going to be the aging processmichael kors Russellpn | 05 April 2014

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christian louboutin salesPutin sounded a multi functional conciliatory to remember Friday, almost joking about U.S. and EU sanctions squeezing his or her inner surround and saying he or she saw no reason to educate yourself regarding retaliate. But his / her government later warned of further action.christian louboutin shoes saleFrance had previously supported Argentina all around the an unsuccessful attempt last year for more information about obtain Supreme Court review at an earlier stage about going to be the legal not get along.The U.S. statement said: "Crimea will be the Ukraine. Only no less than one participating state pretends that jointly wouldbe the fact anything various than Ukraine."christian louboutin on sale"I want for more information about cast this net broader,the reason being she said.! !"So many people can benefit both to and from items I only hope older it is certainly plausible schedulae an appoitment with additionally there are as an all in one creative challenge."christian louboutin flats saleWe certainly not only deliver breaking news both to and from best of the best sources with original reportage all over the the ground and user-generated content; we bring best of the best minds and most sufferers authoritative as if you are as fresh and many of the new voices together to educate yourself regarding make sense of events back and forth from a multi function global angle looking around,rarely a multi function national point of view looking out.christian louboutin outlet sale TyroneEr | 04 April 2014

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