The tablah is a small hand-drum also known as the durbakke. Most tablahs are beautifully decorated, some with wood, tile or bone inlay, etched metal, or paintings in designs typical of the Near East. One of the most commonly played of the percussion instruments, the tablah is a membranophone of goat or fish skin stretched over a vase-shaped drum with a wide neck. Usually made of earthenware or metal, it is placed either under the left arm or between the legs and struck in the middle for the strong beats and on the edge for the sharp in-between beats.

  • Where civilizations meet part 2

    Lebanon's roots go far beyond those of a country whose borders were defined as a result of the divisions of the Ottoman Empire after A WW II. Being home to great civilizations for thousands of years, Lebanon’s name, landscapes and inhabitants are mentioned several times in the Bible, which emphasizes its character as a sacred land, a holy ground, and an undisputed haven for the new traveler.
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