Château Ksara is a very famous winery in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley established in 1857. It was the first winery to produce dry wine. It is not strange to encounter Ksara wine in many countries around the world, seeing that the Lebanese diaspora is pretty big, having Ksara distributed all over. Ksara winery produces great wines featuring red wine, dry white wine, rosé , sweet wine, Brandy, and the famous bitter-sweet Lebanese alcoholic beverage known as Arak. The winery uses very scrumptuous grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Moscat, Obaideh, Cinsault etc... It has also participated in numerous international wine competitions, earning 2 golden medals at France's Vinalies. The headquarters of the winery is in the Bekaa valley, and is simply ideal for an informative, yet relaxing visit. A stroll amongst the vines in the huge vineyards, a walk in the wine caves, a wine tasting session at the winery's bar is all it will take to have you falling in love with the place and its delights. The cherry on top would be the delicious lunch you will have on the patio featuring a gorgeous view of the vineyards, a delicacy like no other!